Today, Love is the tender and inseparable bond between acceptance and improvement. Maybe someday, no one will be allowed to serve in the military. Instead of terrorizing each other over which god is more lovely and plundering Mother Earth of her limited resources, we will embrace one another in our beliefs, because all desire the … More #Loveis


I need somebody. I haven’t used this blog in awhile, but I had a question for the multiverse out there. Is anyone writing any books out there? Specifically novels? More specifically scifi? And do any of you who are working on a book have depression at all? Because I’ll start on these ideas and sometimes … More Help!

Returning to Normal and Imminent Farewells

Solace in sweet siren song Balanced like bouncing bowling balls Curtain calls, curtain calls Skirt tail skirting along dirt and gravel Grumble gabble, stable/able To make princess make prince far few between A means to an end, friends pretend to be sober Far from over, older, colder, not wiser Mining, pining, whining for love Lost … More Returning to Normal and Imminent Farewells


oh my troubled water is drowning like the rest of um sounds of summer and all the lilies living next to um my winter rumble and the spilling of the sea can you hear summer and all that’s left of me oh my troubled water and the river running free tell me stories just of … More vague


Sour, yellow stained shirt in grocery store, because shirt has to get fruit, has to get bread and peanut butter, has to check out. Shirt goes to self-service, self-checkout, by-itself as to not have to interact, as not to have to smile. Shirt leaves with head down and looks at red rimmed eyelids, wrinkles – … More 3:14